“A triumph in its dramatic evolution”

“The radiantly innovative dream ballet, now danced by Laurey instead of a stand-in as in the original, is a triumph in its dramatic evolution from dream into nightmare. Josefina Gabrielle's dancing makes you willing to overlook that she's neither a great singer or actress. But the fifteen-minute-long ballet is not the only choreographic highlight of the show. The ‘Kansas City’ number sets off sparks in the first act and showcases Justin Bohon who plays Will from the subsidiary romantic triangle (Will, Ado Annie and Ali Akim, a Persian peddler, played rather too broadly by Jessica Boevers and Aasif Mandvi). In other high voltage and highly original numbers, like ‘The Farmer and the Cowman’ and the charming ‘Many a New Day’, Ms. Stroman has men dancing with men, women with women, and all together. Whatever the combinations, these dancers seem capable of anything from leaping over fences to twirling ropes.”