“Broad… a kitschy celebration of all things Mel”

“What do I like about The Producers? I like that it's broad — everything about it, from its acting to its humor to its accents, all of it as broad as the Great White Way from which it sprang. I like that it's tasteless — way beyond offensively tasteless, sending up Swedes and horny old ladies and accountants and Village People and swastika-wearing Nazis in lederhosen. I like that a guy playing Hitler sings Heil Myself.

I like that it's stagey and old-fashioned. I like that the dance sequences are actually danced, not sliced-and-diced into a bajillion little edits to cover up the fact that no one's really hoofing all that well. I like that it isn't Chicago. 

I like the credits. I like that I sat straight through and caught a few surprises at the end. I like that I laughed nonstop. I like that after all these years, Mel Brooks is still Mel Brooks, not some etiquette-conscious, tipsy-toed, politically corrected stand-in. That's what I like most about The Producers: It's a kitschy celebration of all things Mel.”