“Colourful, brash… builds cleverly on the stage version”

“Stroman kicks the show off well, apparently aiming for MGM homage. It’s colourful, brash and cheerfully proud of its own artifice. There’s no question that Stroman knows how to choreograph a musical number. ‘I Wanna Be A Producer’ builds cleverly on the stage version and ‘Springtime for Hitler’ remains a joy.

Nathan Lane is brilliantly slimy as Bialystock.  The newcomers are inspired additions. Will Ferrell is everything you’d hope he’d be as a crazed Nazi, but it’s Uma Thurman, slinking every curve she has as sexy secretary Ulla, who’s the real surprise. Hoofing impressively and exhibiting a sturdy set of pipes, she peps up the movie whenever she’s on screen.”