“Dazzled… trademark Fred-and-Ginger”

“In 2001, Brooks teamed up with choreographer Stroman to transform The Producers into a hit stage musical, starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. Now it's back on the screen with songs in tow and much of the Broadway cast, with a few movie stars along for the ride: Will Ferrell plays nutcase playwright Franz Liebkind; Uma Thurman is Ulla, the Swedish bombshell receptionist.

The Producers is strictly for those who are dazzled by a row of tap-dancing convicts, or tickled to recognize trademark Fred-and-Ginger steps in a romantic dance for two. But for sheer, silly entertainment, there are far worse options than spending two hours with this crowd. And if you don't like one gag, wait for the next one — it won't be long in coming.”