“Everything comes together… glorious spectacular”

“It's not just that the show's expansive sets are wonderfully characterful or that the costumes are so varied and imaginative; it's the way everything comes together that's so impressive. The creative team seems to have worked in perfect concert and the results are extraordinary. It's hard to imagine a more thrilling way of representing Scrooge's ghost-led journeys through his past, present, and future than the lengthy sequence that seamlessly combines songs (no fewer than 10 of them), dialogue, and dance. The centerpiece of the sequence is the festive, showstopping ‘Fezziwig's Annual Christmas Ball.’ But from the Past, when Scrooge's father is taken away for failure to pay his bills, to the Future, when Scrooge realizes that his overly frugal ways can have no happy end, the entire show unfurls as the kind of glorious spectacular that one rarely sees on Broadway. (For that matter, the orchestra consists of 24 pieces, a number matched by few Broadway shows these days.)”