“Full-on, flat-out hilarious romp”

“With a few tweaks by Brooks and still with Stroman directing, Young Frankenstein arrives in London in a full-on, flat-out hilarious romp with a cast at the top of its game who just revel in playing everything larger than life — just the way Brook’s brand of comedy demands.

If you’ve seen the movie, all the gags are present and correct, now seamlessly bolstered by Brook’s score that is full of clever, witty lyrics and firmly rooted in the vaudeville tradition so close to the composer’s heart.

If you didn’t know before, Brooks thankfully doesn’t do subtle. Some of the jokes are telegraphed, but none the worse for it, and the double entendres are seaside postcard level.  If you’re looking for nuance you should walk on by, but if you want a bawdy, uproarious belly laugh that’s done out of pure love for the genres that it parodies, this is a show that delivers in spades.”