“Produces laughs and hilarity in abundance”

The Producers, ultimately, works considerably more often than not with a unique humor that has long been a trademark of Mel Brooks. The film is blessed with cast members who have lived with these characters for awhile, and it shows throughout the film. Lane and Broderick have a wonderful comic chemistry and clearly trust each other enough to really let go. This allows for moderately funny material to often become hilariously funny. Likewise, Roger Bart and Gary Beach also re-create roles from Broadway and steal nearly every scene they are in with an over-the-top campy giddiness that is joyful and even a tad heartwarming. 

In a season of intense dramas and lengthy epics, The Producers shines as an alternative for audiences weary of the dark, intense and topical films vying for Oscar attention. For lack of a better way to say it, The Producers, well, it produces laughs and hilarity in abundance.