“Song after song, you are amazed”

Thou Shalt Not is an excellent show, with Connick's brilliant score accented by Stroman's always fascinating and phenomenal choreography and direction. The story is one of adult themes which makes for a more anti-musical song and dance show. The songs are New Orleans jazz (where the story is set) featuring Blues, Swing, Dixie Land, and Baptist funeral hymns. Connick both wrote and orchestrated the music. The songs start out with the syncopated rhythm Connick uses as a conscience and a reminder of sins broken in the show. He then goes in to a nice jazzy blues song, and the show begins. Song after song you are amazed.

The first ballet sequence is with the lead female Theresa dancing; this is followed by the excellent love-making scene on the rotating bed, brilliantly staged by Stroman; and the final section is the 'Thou Shalt Not Ballet', in which Theresa is tormented by her conscience, again brilliantly stage by Stroman."