“Takes the Broadway show and polishes it up”

“This is a musical film based on the fabulously successful Broadway stage production (starring both Lane and Broderick) which itself was based on a film of 1967 starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder (not a musical) all of which were written by Mel Brooks. The story is ludicrous, poking knowing fun at the stage, and it is all the better for it.

Yes, this is most definitely not a politically correct film but that is entirely the point - It thumbs it's nose at political convention for sake of some seriously big laughs. The sets are amazing as are the musical numbers and the acting is superb no doubt due to the recasting of the stars of the Broadway show. 

‘I Want to be a Producer’ becomes a massive number with sets of a scale that would be impossible to have on a Broadway stage. It just looks and sounds incredible, it takes the Broadway show and polishes it up to an amazing shine.

Amazing sounding and looking as well as great laughs, The Producers is a fantastic bit of fun even if you are not a huge fan of musicals.”