“The swingin’est thing I’ve ever seen”

Blossom Got Kissed begins with Blossom trying to keep up with the eight or so pairs of dancers in the ‘club.’ She, apparently, doesn’t got rhythm. The Musician (clad in an impossibly dapper and perfectly fitted suit) has been sitting in with the jazz ensemble (guest artists the David Berger Jazz Orchestra – spectacular) all the while, every now and then playing a note on the triangle, and takes a shine to her, getting up to teach her a lesson. Watching the Musician teach Blossom to dance was such fun; the Musician took care to start with some basic ballet steps and then kicked it up to a full jazz swing. Finally, Blossom gets it and she and the Musician join the ensemble of dancers for the swingin’est thing I’ve ever seen on stage. Even as part of the ensemble, though, I could not take my eyes off of Fairchild. I dare you to try. The whole ballet, which perfectly melded technique with a sultry personal flair, made me want to get in my Delorean, head back the 30s or 40s, put on red lipstick and seamed stockings and make good use of my dancing shoes. It was a scintillating good time, with bravura performances from all.”