“You’d be hard pressed to find finer staging and choreography...”

"There are several show-stoppers but nothing hits home finer than Stroman’s staging of the great Irving Berlin ode to Fred Astaire–the magic tap number 'Puttin’ on the Ritz.' This was a dazzling, toe-tapping and quite funny rendition of a classic tune that left audiences howling in both the movie and on stage in the show. You’d be hard pressed to find finer staging and choreography of a dance number than Susan Stroman’s design.

Young Frankenstein is a slick production, rich in vivid costumes, stellar lighting with impressive sets to augment the comic acting, fine vocals and the polished dances that together with Brooks’ irreverent satire combine to offer a large-scale and most satisfying night at the theatre. This is a wacky old-time structured Broadway Musical from a mad genius that is pure escapist fun. We all need some fun and Young Frankenstein delivers boat loads of gags. If you loved the movie–then you’ll love the musical even more. Don’t miss this show."