“Gracefully demonstrates the music’s waltz motif”

“Expectations were gloriously met in this production, directed by Scott Ellis and choreographed by Susan Stroman who staged it for New York City Opera.  Other productions have been performed in opera houses across the country but last night's cast would be hard to beat.

Particularly glorious are the operatic voices of The Quintet who act as a chorus and comment on the action. Choreographer Susan Stroman gracefully demonstrates the music's waltz motif and the libretto of alienated lovers by alternating the waltz with steps and patterns in which the actors are distant from each other.

The glowing moon of a summer night is the most obvious but not the least of Michael Anania's stunning set designs illuminated by Kenneth Posner and Jeff Nellis's rich and subtle lighting design. After a summer night like this, dawn comes with a sigh.”