“Hilariously witty… toe-tapping, high-kicking”

“…set to arrangements of Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond for full orchestra—we’ll take more, lots more, especially when delivered by these hotshot jazz musicians and dancers. The delightfully saucy Angelica Generosa had us in the palm of her hand from the moment the lights went up on her, seated in a side split, impatiently drumming her hands on the floor. The narrative conceit traces her attempts to attract the attention of the company’s men – an uphill battle when pitted against sirens like Elle Macy and Laura Tisserand. But when the curtain falls, Generosa is perched on the shoulders of a newfound admirer, triumphantly playing air drums to Desmond’s iconic ‘Take Five.’ Stroman avoids the more egregious clichés of jazz ballet, delivering some hilariously witty sequences, including a supine, toe-tapping, high-kicking chorus line.”