Photos of Backstage

Susan Stroman (in black jacket and headband) outside of The Scottsboro Boys marquee at the Garrick Theater in London. Show photo and "Best Music" can be seen.
Full cast of Dot with Susan Stroman in a candid photo.
Susan Stroman with (left to right) Cady Huffman as Ula, Kate Levering as Therese, Rebecca Luker as Marian, and Colleen Dunn as Girl in Yellow in the Dress.
A candid photo of Susan Stroman and Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock, during rehearsal.‍ Nathan is making Stro laugh.
Susan Stroman and Usherettes, Meg Gillentine and Bryn Dowling rehearse "Opening Night". Stro is directing Meg and Bryn.
Susan Stroman and Mel Brooks during rehearsal.‍ Stro is showing Mel some photos.
Susan Stroman with Will Ferrell during rehearsal.
Susan Stroman and Mel Brooks (acting terrified) with the London company of Young Frankenstein.
Susan Stroman with Hold Me Touch Me (Eileen Essell) during rehearsal. Stro is directing her in the courtroom scene.
Susan Stroman and jailbird Brian Rogalski rehearsing "Prisoners of Love". Stro is directing Brian on how to deliver the song. Brian is dressed in a jail striped uniform.
Susan Stroman directing the Accountants during a rehearsal.
Susan Stroman and Judge (David Huddleston) rehearse the court room scene. Stro is giving direction. The court room scene is populated and is in full action.
AD Sam Hoffman, Mel Brooks, Susan Stroman, sound mixer Todd Maitland watch Matthew Broderick convince jailbird to invest in "Prisoners of Love".
Susan Stroman and musical Director Paul Gemignani with the Martha Graham Dance Company. The dancers are backstage in costume and makeup.
Susan Stroman behind camera.
Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom, Director Susan Stroman and Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock rehearsing in the back of The St. James Theatre. Nathan is making Matthew and Stro laugh.
Susan Stroman with Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock, Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom, and Mel Brooks during rehearsal. They are on the stage set of Sardis.
Susan Stroman with Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock, Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom, and Will Ferrell as Franz Liebkind during rehearsal. They are in front of a pigeon coop on a rooftop.
Mel Brooks, Susan Stroman and the Principal Cast of Young Frankenstein on Broadway.

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