Photos of Stro + Collaborators

Collaborators Susan Stroman, David Thompson, and John Kander.
Playwright Selina Fillinger and Director Susan Stroman at the Shubert Theater. They are standing and embracing in between empty rows of green chairs.
Lynn Ahrens (in a red blazer), Susan Stroman (in a black suit), and Stephen Flaherty (in black printed button up) at the opening night of Marie.
Susan Stroman (in an all black outfit) and Hal Prince (in beige jacket and eyeglasses over his head)
Susan Stroman with her award-winning collaborator, John Weidman. Both in elegant attire.
Nathan Lane, Susan Stroman and Stephen Sondheim.
Susan Stroman with Andre Bishop, Artistic Director of Lincoln Center Theater, after being inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame. She is holding the award.
Seated are Stroman collaborators Ken Billington (lighting design) and William Ivey Long (costume design). Both are in blazers and wearing a tie.
Wynton Marsalis and Susan Stroman on opening night of Duke!
A black and white photo of Susan Stroman and Mel Brooks on the Red Carpet at the opening night of Young Frankenstein (West End).
Jason Robert Brown, Susan Stroman, Hal Prince, and David Thompson working together on Prince of Broadway.
Susan Stroman with long-time collaborator, John Kander. Both are dressed in winter coats.
Susan Stroman and Harry Connick, Jr. sitting in a piano chair, working together.
Black and white press photo of the creative team John Kander, Scott Ellis, Fred Ebb and Susan Stroman
Taylor Mac, Susan Stroman, and Mandy Patinkin (all in black and hugging Stro in the middle) at the opening night of The Last Two People on Earth: An Apocalyptic Vaudeville at A.R.T.
The Creative team of Crazy for You at the home of Producer Roger Horchow. Gershwin himself played that piano.
Susan Stroman and Stephen Sondheim having a conversation.‍
Peter Martins, Susan Stroman, and Robin Wagner (all in dark suits) and the opening night of Double Feature for the New York City Ballet.
Mel Brooks, Susan Stroman, and Thomas Meehan in an apartment working on the show over food.
Glen Kelly at the piano, working on the show with Mel Brooks, Susan Stroman, and Thomas Meehan.
Mel Brooks working on the script for The Producers. He has arms raised and mouth open in excitement!
Susan Stroman, Glen Kelly, Mel Brooks, and Thomas Meehan in a creative meeting for The Producers.
Mel Brooks entering Stro’s apartment.
Black and white photo of Susan Stroman with Katherine Crockett and Tom Gold at the opening night of But Not for Me for the Martha Graham Company.
Black and white photo of Susan Stroman with Production Stage Manager, Steven Zweigbaum. Stroman is in her signature black hat.
Associates Ginger Thatcher and Stacey Todd Holt with Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman. All are dressed elegantly: Ginger in red blouse, Stacey in green tie, and Stro in all blacks.
The Merry Widow associates: Leah Hofmann (in a red dress with fur wrap), Joshua Buscher (in black tie and black suit), Lauren Kadel (in black dress with cut outs).
A photo of Paul Gemignani, Susan Stroman, and Stephen Sondheim, the award-winning music director, director, and composer.
The creative team for Prince of Broadway on opening night in Tokyo. All are dressed in black tie apparel.
Susan Stroman and playwright Colman Domingo hug for a picture at The Vineyard Theatre
Susan Stroman collaborating with Set Designer Robin Wagner.
Susan Stroman and playwright Terrence McNally pose for a picture for Dedication or the Stuff of Dreams
A black and white press portrait of Susan Stroman and Scott Ellis
Susan Stroman in a black dress embracing Karen Ziemba is a navy sequined dress. Karen was in Crazy For You, And The World Goes ‘Round, Steel Pier, 110 In The Shade, Contact, and Bullets Over Broadway.
Susan Stroman and Dan Jinks (producer of Big Fish) on the red carpet on opening night.
Susan Stroman, Alan Menken, Lynn Ahrens, and Mike Ockrent dressed up on the opening night of A Christmas Carol.
Santo Loquasto, Don Holder (both in shirts with sweaters), and William Ivey Long (dressed in suit and tie).
Susan Stroman with producers Lynn Meadow and Jeffrey Seller.
Black and white photo of Michael Korie and Scott Frankel, both wearing blazers.
Susan Stroman posing in a partnering dance position with Damian Woetzel, president of The Juilliard School.
Susan Stroman and associate Scott Bishop at the Theater Hall Of Fame ceremony.
Susan Stroman, in a hug between John August and Andrew Lippa, at the opening night of Big Fish.
Black and white photo of Renée Fleming and Susan Stroman at the opening night of The Merry Widow.
Susan Stroman with producers Roy Furman and Julian Schlossberg.
Musical director Andy Einhorn, Susan Stroman, associate choreographer James Gray, associate director Jeff Whiting
Santo Loquasto, George C. Wolfe, Taylor Mac, and Susan Stroman backstage.
Susan Stroman (in white "Stroman" sweat shirt) and Liza Minnelli (in a black turtleneck) working together on her show at Radio City Music Hall.
Black and white photo of David Loud and Susan Stroman. Both dressed in black.
Stro with dance arranger and composer David Krane.
Mel Brooks and Susan Stroman on the red carpet holding Tony Awards, after The Producers received a total of 12 wins.
Mike Ockrent and Susan Stroman in rehearsal. Mike is holding a baton and looking at the camera while Stro is looking to the left at something happening in the room.
John Lahr and Susan Stroman. They are dressed elegantly, smiling, and in an embrace.
Dance Arranger Glen Kelly and Susan Stroman. They are both laughing and seated on a couch. Glen wears a brown sweater and Stro is wearing all black with her signature black basecall cap.
Black and white photo of Larry David and Susan Stroman on the set of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Both are smiling.
Susan Stroman with Associate Choreographer of West End’s The Scottsboro Boys and Young Frankenstein, Richard Pitt. Both are backstage in front of blue equipment storage boxes.
Black and white photo of Susan Stroman and John Kander dancing during the New York, New York workshop. Writers Sharon Washington and David Thompson are in the background smiling.
Stro and Tiler Peck, both seated and posing for Little Dancer press photos. Tiler is in a tutu while Stro is in her signature blacks.
Susan Stroman with long-time collaborator, William Ivey Long. Both are in black tie and audience members can be seen in the background entering or exiting a performance.
Susan Stroman and Mel Brooks at the Tony Award After-Party
Susan Stroman hugging and laughing with her late partner, Mike Ockrent.
Black and white photo of Bernie Gersten (producer) wearing a black blazer and Paul Huntley (wig designer) wearing a scarf and button up shirt.
Casting Director Tara Rubin, Amanda Kloots, and Associate Choreographer Scott Taylor.
Associate Eric Santagata (dressed in a pink button up shirt) and Director Susan Stroman (dressed in signature blacks)
Associates Jeff Whiting and Eric Santagata. Both are in a rehearsal room and dressed in shirts and sweaters.
Director Susan Stroman, Casting Director Jill Green, Associate Choreographer James Gray, and dance star Tiler Peck. All are huddled outside and in front of The Salisbury Pie Shop.
Black and white photo of Associate Director of West End’s Young Frankenstein, Crazy for You, and The Scottsboro Boys Nigel West, with Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman backstage at the Garrick Theater.
Casting Director Jill Green, Director Susan Stroman and Associate Choreographer Richard Pitt. They are backstage in front of blue equipment boxes.
Associate Choreographer of Crazy For You, Steel Pier, Contact, Big Fish and A Christmas Carol Chris Peterson with Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman. Both are dressed in black tie attire.
Black and white photo of Susan Stroman with Associate Choreographer of Little Dancer and Oklahoma! Ginger Thatcher. Both are dressed elegantly.
Associate Choreographer of Crazy For You Angelique Ilo and Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman. Angelique is in a striped black and white blazer while Stro is in all blacks and touching her heart.
Associate Choreographers Josh Buscher and James Gray for Curb Your Enthusiasm with Susan Stroman. They are outside of Screenland Studios in all grey and black. Stro is in sunglasses and James is touching his heart. Josh is beaming with joy.
Black and white photo of Andric Bowen, Jessica Lichtner, Susan Stroman, and Bill Hoffman
Stro’s lawyer Rick Pappas and Resident Director/Associate Choreographer, Tara Young. All are seen eating in an Italian restaurant with a red checkered table cloth.
Susan Stroman and Associate Choreographer James Gray at Manhattan Theater Club. They are dressed in rehearsal cloths and Gray wears a "Prince of Broadway" hat.
Black and white photo of Resident Director Niki Harris and Susan Stroman. They are backstage and standing with a large harp.
Susan Stroman and Tomé Cousin. Tomé is the Directing Supervisor for international and regional productions of Contact. Stro is wearing a sequined black outfit and Tomé is wearing a blue shirt, tie, suit, and glasses.
Rick Pappas, Susan Stroman, Greg Nobile at Sardis. All hugging with framed caricatures all over the walls in the background.
Director Susan Stroman with Associates Angelique Ilo, Stacey Todd Holt, Richard Pitt. They are in the rehearsal studio in fall apparel (jackets and scarves) and Stacey Todd Holt brought Pret a Manger.
Black and white photo of Associate Tara Young and Director Susan Stroman.

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